Depression. Anxiety. Eating disorders. Cutting. Starving. Suicide. They're all monsters.
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There’s honestly no reason for me to live anymore I’m sorry I let you all down, but I love you all ♥

sweetasblood24 asked: So I feel like someone is ignoring me because my bf messaged her saying stuff and she told him fuck you. She didn't know it was him and I do care for the girl, but she just is ignoring me now because of what my bf said. I told her sorry and I really am... But she doesn't care anymore. I just feel horrible and ignored and just... Sigh. I need help.


Give her time. She needs to have time to think things through and so do you. After maybe a couple hours or days you can confront her about it :)) Everything will be okay. ♥ xoxcasey

Anonymous asked: I am three months clean today, I couldn't be more proud of myself c:


That’s amazing, good job. I’m very proud as well :)) xoxcasey

Confession hour, go ahead

Anonymous asked: Would it be awkward if I told you about my current dilemma even though we don't know each other because I really need to talk to someone but no one is listening and I can't tell my family bc they're a part of the problem. If it's okay ill message you on my personal so we can talk privately


Of course, go right ahead :)) xoxcasey

I just made a twitter account. If you’d like to follow it, feel free.Xx

Anyone going to the Holmdel date for warped tour July 6th??? Because I am and I’d love to meet you guys ❤️

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