Depression. Anxiety. Eating disorders. Cutting. Starving. Suicide. They're all monsters.
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differencesarejustsmallbigthings asked: You're the first depression/anxiety/self harm etc. blog I've come across in 2 years of tumbling that isn't just all morbid but seems to actually listen and help people. You're an amazing person:)) xo


Thanks so much! I know, I see those a lot and they’re great but I feel like those kind of blogs kind of “promote” self harm, like it puts the idea in people’s mind when they’re sad. When I created this blog it was going to be just pictures of depressing things like how I’ve been seeing, but over time it turned into something better with meaning. This blog helps (hopefully) people into thinking they really aren’t alone after all. :)) xoxcasey

Whoops, sorry guys! I didn’t realize I reblogged things on this blog. I thought I was on my main main blog. I deleted them, so if you guys were confused, sorry everyone! :)) xoxcasey

Anonymous asked: Do you let anyone snapchat you? I'd love to snapchat you and make a new friend, but I'm nervous and didn't know if that was alright!


Of course! I snapchat with people from here all the time! No worries, I love snapchat so I’m on there constantly! It’s totally okay! ; @casey_vanveen // xoxcasey :))

Anonymous asked: hey love, I know things might be hard right now but I'm reminding you that you are so perfect and I love you and I know you're probably sick of hearing this, but I'm telling you that things are going to get better. I know it sounds cliche, but they really will. please please please stay strong. I love you so much and you will make it through this. thank you for existing. I love you darling. you will make it through this. I promise.


That’s so sweet, thank you. I love you so so much! People like you bring a smile to my face! :)) xoxcasey

thealonegirl123 asked: What's ur snap chat I can't talk like right now but tomorrow I would like to talk to someone who won't criticize me


casey_vanveen :))) xoxcasey

What’s your dream?

Hey guys, thanks for your support! It means the world to me. :) I’m really bored and curious so, what’s your dream? My dream is to start a band and either be the vocalist or the bassist or maybe both! Also, my life goal is to be in Warped Tour! What do you guys wanna do in your future?? :)) xoxcasey

itscaitlinidk asked: hey i dont know you but but i see you're having a really tough time and i just wanted to day that you are worth something. you are worth so much. please stay in this world, you make it a nicer place!! i love you.


Thank you, that means a lot to me :)) I love you too♥ xoxcasey

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